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Confusion about Women, Sex and ONS

German readers where confused by their Journalists this morning: After the German BILD-Zeitung wrote that “One in Two Women Regret One Night Stands” nearly the whole German press showed similar headlines.

First, the news was untrue – ans the simple truth was quite the opposite: it must read that 54 percent of the women in an online-survey enjoyed ONS.

One example is Mirja Kuckuk, who wrote an aritcle for the well recommended German Newspaper „Sueddeutsche“. She wrote about the results: „Women suffered, men enjoyed“ – and to prove that, she figured out that “only” 54 percent of the women where happy with their ONS.

German journalists should repeat their lessons in mathematics: 54 percent of 100 percent is more than half of the women – and they enjoyed the ONS. So we may have to guess why journalists – especially female journalists – publish the figures the other way round. Maybe their mothers told them, that a “good girl” does not have casual sex at all.