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Gestern: Giora Feidman im Atelier Bartesch

Unter Musiker und Kritikern ist er weltweit berühmt für seine Kunst, aus der Klarinette die leisen Töne herauszuholen und sie auf wundersame Wiese im Publikum zum Schwingen zu bringen – für den Rest der Welt ist Giora Feidman der „King of Klezmer“

Ich habe ihn gestern in Budapest im Atelier Bartesch erleben dürfen.

© 2008 by gebhard roese

Who is Gina-Lisa and what about the porn movie?

Most international readers may not know who “Gina-Lisa” is – but they may have heard about a porn movie “everybody” was looking for in Google.

Well, folks: give up. There is no porn movie, as Gina-Lisa told the “Gossip Girlz” – so you really want to know. Who Gina-Lisa is?

Watch this movie – but better don’t. It makes no sense to look into her face – but probably that was not just what you wanted to see.

The Movie: Football, Euro 2008 and Gina-Lisa.

Confusion about Women, Sex and ONS

German readers where confused by their Journalists this morning: After the German BILD-Zeitung wrote that “One in Two Women Regret One Night Stands” nearly the whole German press showed similar headlines.

First, the news was untrue – ans the simple truth was quite the opposite: it must read that 54 percent of the women in an online-survey enjoyed ONS.

One example is Mirja Kuckuk, who wrote an aritcle for the well recommended German Newspaper „Sueddeutsche“. She wrote about the results: „Women suffered, men enjoyed“ – and to prove that, she figured out that “only” 54 percent of the women where happy with their ONS.

German journalists should repeat their lessons in mathematics: 54 percent of 100 percent is more than half of the women – and they enjoyed the ONS. So we may have to guess why journalists – especially female journalists – publish the figures the other way round. Maybe their mothers told them, that a “good girl” does not have casual sex at all.